Unmarked Graves

There are a number of unmarked graves within the cemetery.  We generally have very limited information available about the exact locations of these burials, although what we know varies from case to case.  If you are the relative of an individual buried in one of these unmarked graves, we can work with you to commemorate that burial. It is in everyone’s interest that burials be clearly marked.

If you are aware of the specific location where your relative was buried, you may place a monument at that location, subject to the cemetery’s Monument Guidelines. We may also be able to assist you with setting up a lower-cost permanent bronze plaque memorialization on a known gravesite, if you are unable to afford a standard monument. Contact us for more information about how to place a monument in the cemetery.

If you are not sure where your relative is buried but would like to memorialize them at the cemetery, we have space available on the memorial stone in our cremains garden for commemorative bronze plaques. These are available at a cost of $300 each, measure 4 by 6 inches, and have space for names, dates, and brief texts.