Historical Resources for Mulkey Cemetery

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Dingle, Tami, Mulkey Cemetery, Hawkins Heights, Eugene, Oregon. Eugene, Oregon: Oregon Genealogical Society, 2002.
A list of interments; does not include any data not included in our online Interments list, which is based on Tami’s work as updated by the cemetery association.

Hunt, Philip Mulkey, The Mulkeys of America. Portland, Oregon: privately published, 1982.
Primarily a family genealogy for the Mulkeys, with some information on their settlement in the southern Willamette Valley and the founding of the cemetery.

Newspaper Articles

June 2, 1940: Cemetery Directors Thankful, a note thanking contributors to spring workdays.

May 14, 1948: City News Notes, a spring workdays announcement.

May 28, 1958: Services to Honor County’s War Dead, mentions a ceremony at the cemetery.

August 9, 1982: Roots Pulled At Reunion: Kin, Neighbors Hold Clean-up At Cemetery, an article about a 1982 late-summer cleanup day.