Past Burials at Mulkey Cemetery

View our Past Interments List here - Mulkey Burial Records - view or download PDF 

Our interments database was compiled over many years, primarily by volunteers, and we are aware that it includes some errors. We’re now able to correct those, so if you identify an error, please email us at admin   @, including documentation for your requested correction (copies of death certificates, obituaries, or similar materials).

We believe that there are fewer errors in this version than in other published Mulkey interments lists. There are NO authorized third-party online lists of burials at the Mulkey, nor do we believe any of the extant third-party lists are current or accurate. We are not able to make corrections to third-party listings since we have no control over those sites.

This database is presented for personal research use only.  The cemetery provides genealogical information online as a courtesy to cemetery families and other researchers; there is no legal requirement for us to do so.  We recommend confirming any data here in additional sources. We have very limited genealogical information available in our files, given the age of the cemetery and the limited recordkeeping required in past generations.

All rights to this database are reserved by the cemetery association. Copying or use of this database or the information within it for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of the Mulkey Cemetery Association is prohibited.

People who are not interred at the cemetery but have headstones or other memorials here may be listed in the interments list in a way which does not distinguish these from physical burials.

If a burial plot number is not given in this list, we do not have any additional information relating to that individual’s specific location of burial. There are many unmarked graves at the Mulkey.

We strongly recommend that if you need to confirm details relating to any individual who you believe may be interred at the Mulkey, you do so by ordering the appropriate death certificate from the Oregon Vital Records Office.